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Awning for Caravans and Campervans

If you're a camper who enjoys staying at one campground for an extended period, an awning can be a valuable addition to your camper or caravan. An awning provides extra space and protection against the elements, allowing you to extend your camping season well into late autumn or even winter. There are various types of awnings available to suit different needs. Some are suitable for warm summer days, while others can withstand heavy snowfall. There are also awnings designed for year-round use.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Awning

With so many options available, we understand that choosing the right awning can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider that will help you find the perfect awning for your needs. If you still have questions or need technical assistance, feel free to reach out to us via live chat, phone call, email, or WhatsApp message.

  • First, consider when you plan to use the awning. In which season will you primarily set it up?
  • Additionally, think about the type of camper you are. Do you stay in one place for extended periods or do you prefer traveling? Choose an awning that suits your travel style.
  • What is the circumference measurement of your caravan or the attachment height of the awning to the campervan?
  • If you plan to camp in snowy conditions, you may need a robust winter awning capable of handling the additional weight of snow.
  • If you require extra sleeping space in the awning, choose one that is compatible with an additional inner tent. Also, consider browsing our selection of inner tents.

Awnings for Summer

When the sun shines directly on the awning fabric, it can quickly become hot inside. While this may be pleasant in winter, sticky spaces are best avoided during summer. A summer awning features sufficient ventilation points, such as removable walls, allowing it to function more like a canopy. Compared to a winter awning, it is made of lighter and thinner materials, enabling you to enjoy the shade and cool breeze in the awning. Of course, you can always close the ventilation points to extend your camping season with a summer awning. However, a winter awning or a seasonal awning is better equipped to handle harsh weather conditions and provides improved insulation.

Awnings for Winter

During winter, your camper or caravan can feel cramped. You can easily create additional space by using an awning specifically designed for winter camping. If you plan to visit wintry destinations, it's reassuring to know that a winter awning is built to withstand snow on the roof. However, ensure you regularly remove snow and ice buildup during heavy snowfall, as there are limitations to the weight the awning can bear. Drafts can make an awning feel cold, as they allow heat to escape. A draft skirt prevents airflow under the caravan, keeping the interior warmer. Attach the draft skirt to the caravan's rails.

Calculating the Circumference Measurement of Your Caravan

To determine the circumference measurement of your caravan, take a cord from the ground through the rail where the awning attaches and bring it back down to the ground. Measure the length of the cord to obtain the circumference measurement (sometimes referred to as the A-measurement by certain awning manufacturers). Do not solely rely on the specifications provided by the caravan manufacturer, as variations in the production process or different caravan models can result in differences. It's always best to double-check the measurement.

Calculating the Attachment Height of Your Campervan

While the circumference measurement is crucial for caravans, the attachment height is more relevant for campervans. This is because the rail to which the awning attaches does not extend completely. However, if the rail does extend, refer to the circumference measurement and calculate it in the same way as for caravans. The attachment height is simply the height of the rail from the ground. Since a Volkswagen bus is smaller than the average campervan, the height required for the awning attachment may vary. In our collection of motorhome awnings and van awnings, you'll notice that they are often available in two or three height options.

Inflatable Awnings

If you find dealing with poles cumbersome and want to reduce the weight you carry in your caravan or campervan, an inflatable awning is the ideal solution. Instead of heavy tent poles, inflatable awnings feature air tubes that can be inflated to high pressure, providing the necessary strength to keep the awning upright even in windy and rainy conditions. However, it's essential to secure it properly with a few guy lines or a storm strap since its lightweight nature makes it more susceptible to wind.

Awning Extensions

You can easily convert your canopy into a cozy awning by adding simple side panels and a front panel. If you are constantly on the move or have already invested in a canopy, this is likely the most convenient method to quickly provide a dry space and create additional living area for your camper or caravan. However, bear in mind that awning extensions may be less suitable for extreme weather conditions, so factor this into your decision. Side and front panels are available for most awnings from major brands such as Fiamma, Thule, and Dometic.

Awning Brands

Are you specifically looking for an awning from a particular brand? At Speelberg Kamperen, we are pleased to offer tents from well-known manufacturers. The following brands are part of our assortment of awnings for campers and caravans: