Tailgate tent Reimo Uni Van 2 for bus campers

  • Versatile and durable tailgate tent for campervans
  • Robust construction for all weather conditions
  • Optimal ventilation for a refreshing camping experience
  • Freestanding design for flexible usage
  • Shaded oasis against the sun's rays
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Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent for Campervans

Transform your campervan's tailgate into a cozy and comfortable extension of your living space with the Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent. This versatile and durable camping accessory is the perfect solution for adventurers seeking extra room during their camping journey.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent is designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor life. Its robust construction protects you from unexpected weather changes, providing a reliable shelter against rain, wind, and sun. Experience worry-free camping adventures, no matter the weather conditions.

Ventilation and Camping Comfort

The Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent features cleverly designed ventilation openings that ensure optimal airflow. Enjoy a refreshing breeze on warm summer days, creating a pleasant and fresh environment inside the tent. Indulge in a comfortable night's sleep and relaxation in your private oasis amidst nature.

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Freestanding and Flexible

The Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent offers ultimate flexibility during your camping adventures. This freestanding tent allows you to leave it set up at the campsite while you explore the surroundings or run quick errands. Embrace the freedom to fully enjoy your surroundings, knowing that your camp remains secure and comfortable.

Prepare for any adventure with the Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or embarking on a longer journey, this tent provides the convenience and versatility you need. Don't wait any longer - enhance your camping gear with this adaptable tailgate tent and experience the freedom of campervan travel!

Optimal Ventilation and Shade

The Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent ensures not only extra space but also optimal ventilation and protection from the sun. Its innovative design includes multiple doors that can be easily opened, allowing refreshing breezes to circulate. Breathe in the fresh air and relish the natural ventilation that enhances your camping experience.

Experience the Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent as your sheltered haven against the sun's rays. When temperatures rise, take refuge in this shaded oasis where you can relax and cool down. Create your own comfortable corner in nature, benefiting from a sheltered and well-ventilated outdoor space.

Whether you seek respite from the sun or crave the invigorating freshness of the outdoors, the Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent strikes the perfect balance between ventilation and shade. Revel in the freedom to breathe, unwind, and savor your camping adventures without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Elevate your camping gear with the Reimo Uni-Van 2 Tailgate Tent and discover a new dimension of comfort, ventilation, and shelter during your campervan escapades.

More Information
Weight 15 kg
Color Gray, Lime
Brand Reimo
Mounting height 180 - 200 cm
Mounting location Tailgate
Suitable for Universal
Stand-alone Yes
Type of tent Tailgate tent
Water column 3000 mm
Width 240 cm
Height 240 cm
Length 380 cm
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