Charge Boosters

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Charge Booster

Use a charge booster to charge the leisure battery of your motorhome, caravan, or boat with optimal voltage. This increases the battery's lifespan and ensures that you always have a fully charged battery upon arrival at your destination. At Speelberg, we offer a wide range of charge boosters< for both motorhomes and caravans. These battery chargers come in different capacities, allowing you to find the right charge booster for every situation.

What Does a Charge Booster Do?

A charge booster smooths out voltage spikes and fluctuations caused by the vehicle's alternator, providing a stable output voltage. The voltage generated by the motorhome, car, or bus's alternator often varies depending on factors such as driving speed, engine RPM, braking frequency, and intensity. This voltage may be too high or too low to properly charge the battery. These voltage spikes are not beneficial for the lifespan of a leisure battery and can prevent it from being fully charged, leading to a shorter lifespan of the leisure battery. A charge booster is placed between the alternator and the leisure battery. Inside this device, technology is employed to regulate and stabilize the voltage, compensating for these spikes and fluctuations. Charge boosters often feature various programs, allowing you to select the optimal voltage for charging the service battery. Additionally, many charge boosters include a temperature sensor to adjust the charging program based on the battery and ambient temperature.

Euro 6 Engines

New engines in cars and motorhomes incorporate technologies to optimize energy consumption. As a result, they differ from older engines, causing significant voltage variations produced by the alternator. With Euro 6 engines, energy is mainly generated during braking. The lower voltage produced by the alternator is often insufficient to fully charge an additional service battery. For most batteries (except Lithium), a healthy voltage typically ranges around 14.5 volts. If this voltage is not supplied by the alternator, the battery will not reach a full charge. Therefore, a charge booster ensures that the low voltage provided by Euro 6 engines is transformed into an optimal voltage for charging the auxiliary battery.

Caravan Charge Booster

If you have a battery in your caravan for a caravan mover or other electrical equipment, it's essential to ensure that this battery is properly charged. Compared to a motorhome, the distance to the caravan's battery is usually greater. During the transmission of electricity through a cable over this distance, the power loses some of its strength. While the voltage may be 14 volts near the alternator at the beginning of the cable, it may decrease to 12 volts or even lower at the end inside the caravan. With a charge booster, you restore the voltage to a sufficient level for charging the caravan battery, ensuring it is fully charged upon arrival. This process also extends the battery's lifespan. If you want to charge your caravan battery while driving, it is advisable to install a charge booster, especially if you have a modern tow vehicle with a Euro 6 engine or newer.

Not all charge boosters can be used for charging the motorhome's battery. The voltage and amperage passing through a wire, as well as the distance it needs to cover, directly influence the thickness of the power cable required. Excessive current will not efficiently charge a battery located meters away from the alternator in a caravan. Therefore, use a low-power charge booster for charging the caravan battery and pay attention to the cable thickness.

Motorhome Charge Booster

Without a battery in your motorhome, you lose many luxuries. The electric refrigerator won't work, and it'll be dark at night without lights. Alongside solar panels, a recommended strategy is to charge the motorhome battery while driving. To achieve a complete charge, you want the battery to be charged without voltage fluctuations and at the correct voltage. For motorhomes, there are charge boosters with higher power capacities. The highest power capacities are primarily suitable for battery banks with multiple batteries and hundreds of amperes of storage capacity.