Fixed Windows

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Fixed Windows for Vans

A fixed window provides you with a much better view, which is essential if you want to turn your van into a camper. By installing windows, you can enjoy even more of the beautiful landscapes you drive through. Tinted windows add a touch of elegance and can be combined nicely with sliding windows. Since they seamlessly fit the panels of your van, they blend in with the bodywork, unlike camper windows that often protrude slightly from the bodywork.

Tinted Windows for Campervans

Our fixed windows have the perfect black tint for installation in a campervan. They are not too dark, allowing you to see through them and enjoy the view. However, they are dark enough to make bright sunlight more bearable.

Choosing the Right Position for Your Window

The windows in our range are precisely made to fit perfectly into the designated panels. Each window has a specific spot where it fits. Depending on the length of your van, there may be more panels. More panels mean more places on the van where the glass-look windows can be installed. For longer models of vans, you will find more windows compared to shorter models. The window that fits each length of the campervan is always indicated with the window description. If you have any questions or are unsure whether a window fits your van, start a chat or send us an email.

Position of Glass-Look Window Panels

Installing a Fixed Window in a Camper

A glass window is bonded to the bodywork of the campervan using special glass adhesive. At Speelberg Kamperen, we offer a set that includes glass adhesive, a cleaning agent, a sanding pad for surface preparation, and a primer. Below is a simplified guide for installing a fixed window in a camper. Please read the instructions carefully, as the installation process may vary slightly for each window.

Requirements: Jigsaw with a metal saw blade, cordless drill with a metal drill bit, file, adhesive set & caulking gun, suction cups/glass lifters, strong tape that does not leave residue, rubber profile for the saw edge, rust inhibitor, vacuum cleaner.

  • Determining the Position and Cutting: The glass-look panel fits precisely into the camper van panel for which it is intended. Determine the position and mark it. Make sure to leave a 3 to 4 centimeter border to bond the window. Drill holes in the corners to easily cut out the panel with the jigsaw. Then, cut out the panel.
  • Cleaning the Adhesive Edge: Use the cleaning agent to thoroughly clean the surface. Also, clean the window to ensure proper adhesion on both surfaces.
  • Applying Rust Inhibitor: Apply rust inhibitor to the cut edge. Let the rust inhibitor dry.
  • Applying Primer: Apply the primer to the panel and also put a line of primer on the window. The primer is applied where the adhesive will be applied to ensure proper adhesion. Let the primer dry.
  • Preparing for Window Installation: Ensure that the tape is ready to support the window. Attach it to the van in advance. Also, place the glass lifter so that you can easily grip the window later.
  • Applying Glass Adhesive: Use the provided wide nozzle to apply a line of glass adhesive around the window. If the window is solely for the glass-look panel, leave a few centimeters without adhesive at the bottom of the window to allow air to escape between the panel and the window.
  • Placing the Window: Lift the window and press it firmly against the panel to place it. Then, secure it with the tape to keep the window in place. While the adhesive is still liquid and allows for corrections, check if the window is securely attached. For example, verify if the sliding door can still open.