Gas Stoves

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Gas Stoves

With a gas stove in your camper, caravan, boat, or camper van, you have everything you need to prepare a delicious meal on your camping table. Because let's face it, everything tastes better on vacation, and now that you have the time, there's no excuse not to enjoy that local specialty. A gas stove provides plenty of space for multiple pans and often comes with an oven and/or grill.

A camping gas stove typically operates on gas from a gas cylinder, offering you independence from the electrical power supply. However, there are also dual fuel gas stoves available that can operate on both gas and electricity.

The gas stoves in our range are lightweight, which is ideal for campers and caravans, especially if you're already approaching the maximum weight limit. They are also stylish, thanks to the use of high-quality materials. The elegant design ensures that the gas stove complements almost any camper or caravan interior.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Gas Stove

A gas stove is a technical product, so it's helpful to be aware of all the details before making a purchase. This ensures proper fitting and gas supply.

  • 30 or 50 millibar In the Netherlands, gas systems typically operate at a pressure of 30 millibar. Therefore, it's essential to check if this applies to your system, as using a gas stove designed for a different pressure may affect its performance or pose a safety risk.
  • Dual Fuel, Gas, or Electric? Our range offers various gas stoves, allowing you to choose between gas or electric models based on your preferences.
  • Do you prefer a gas stove with a cover? Most gas stoves come with a glass or metal cover that can be closed, providing extra workspace in the kitchen when the stove is not in use. This feature is particularly useful in smaller campers or caravans.
  • Portable Gas Stove If you want the flexibility to cook both inside and outside your camper or caravan, or if you're going on a picnic or day trip, a portable gas stove is an ideal solution. It can be easily set up outside, allowing you to cook wherever you go!
  • Weight of the Gas Stove Consider the weight of the gas stove before purchasing. Depending on the type of camping vehicle you have, a lightweight gas stove may be preferable.
  • Number of Gas Burners Needed We offer 2-burner, 3-burner, and 4-burner gas stoves. Choose the model that suits your cooking needs and the available space in your camper or caravan.
  • What Size Stove Can Fit? Whether it's a portable gas stove or a built-in one, not every stove will fit seamlessly into every camper, caravan, car, van, or boat. Carefully check the dimensions of the stove to ensure compatibility with your space, as even compact models still require proper placement.

Dual Fuel Gas Stoves

If you want the versatility of cooking and baking with both gas and electricity, a hybrid dual fuel gas stove is the perfect choice. Even when not connected to the power grid, you'll still have a gas burner available for cooking. Plus, when camping at a site with reliable electrical supply, you can save gas by utilizing the dual fuel feature.

30 Millibar or 50 Millibar?

In the Netherlands, gas systems commonly operate at 30 millibar. However, some systems may have a pressure regulator set to 50 millibar due to imported appliances or other gas-powered devices. It's essential to pay attention to this, as using the wrong system can result in reduced functionality or pose safety risks.

Brands of Gas Stoves for Campers and Caravans

At Speelberg Kamperen, we offer gas stoves from various stylish brands.