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Do you want to create more shade for your motorhome or caravan? In our range, we have various awnings for motorhomes, caravans, and van conversions. Discover our rail-mounted awnings and inflatable awnings that can easily be attached to the awning rails of your motorhome. For Thule and Fiamma awnings, we also offer additional accessories such as side panels and front panels. Upgrade your motorhome or caravan with our awnings.

Awnings at Speelberg

We are always ready to provide you with appropriate advice and tips on purchasing camper awnings and van awnings. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us.

There are different types of awnings

Awnings come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you are constantly on the move or prefer a longer stay in one place, there is an awning that perfectly suits your camping style and budget.

Rail and Slide Awnings

Rail and slide awnings are essential equipment for any adventurous traveler with a camper or caravan. These awnings, consisting of a tent canvas, rails, tent poles, and guy ropes, provide a simple and effective solution for creating shade and shelter on the go.

The installation of a rail or slide awning is effortless. The rail is securely attached to the camper or caravan, after which the tent canvas can be easily slid into the rail thanks to the integrated bead. Once in place, the tent poles and guy ropes provide stability and tension, allowing you to quickly enjoy the shade.

Box Awnings

The box awning, an innovative alternative to traditional awnings, offers a unique combination of convenience and functionality for campers with a motorhome, van camper, or caravan. Like the rail awning, the box of this awning is attached to the rail with a bead, creating a sturdy connection.

Inside the box of the awning is a roll where the awning fabric is neatly rolled up. Often, extendable legs are also integrated into this roll, resting on the other side of the awning. These legs provide some stability, but for extra rigidity, they are tensioned with guy ropes.

What really sets the box awning apart is the ease of storage. Because the awning fabric can be easily rolled up, the awning is compact and convenient to store when not in use. Moreover, the box can remain attached to the camper or caravan while driving, provided it is securely fastened.

Cassette Awnings

A cassette awning offers the ultimate in convenience and speed for owners of motorhomes and caravans, thanks to its quick and easy setup system. The awning fabric is rolled up in a cassette mounted on the motorhome or caravan, allowing it to be extended in just a few minutes.

There are two main types of cassette awnings: freestanding and awnings with legs. The freestanding versions can be quickly rolled out but may be susceptible to wind. Therefore, they are often equipped with a wind sensor that automatically retracts the awning in strong winds. On the other hand, there are awnings with legs that provide extra stability and can be secured with guy ropes or storm straps for even more rigidity.

It is important to remember that wind is a significant factor with awnings and the main cause of damage. Therefore, it is wise to always store your awning when you are not present. When mounting a cassette awning to your motorhome or caravan, a special adapter is required, so make sure the adapter you choose is suitable for your vehicle.

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