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Groundsheet with Inflatable Edge

A groundsheet with an inflatable edge provides extra protection, as water on the groundsheet stays on the surface. The inflatable edge prevents water from flowing through, keeping it outside the living area of the awning. With a few simple pumps, you can create a raised barrier that holds back water.

Groundsheet in Various Sizes

Groundsheets come in different sizes. Some are specifically designed for certain tent or awning models, while others can be cut or folded to fit. When in doubt, choose a slightly larger size than the tent, awning, or canopy it will be placed under. Many groundsheets have eyelets for securing them with pegs or stakes. Opt for pegs with plastic heads to avoid any risk of injury. For added comfort, consider using a tent carpet on top of your groundsheet.

Speelberg Groundsheets

At Speelberg, we offer groundsheets in various sizes. They are either specifically designed for awnings, tents, or can be universally used for any type of tent or awning. Rest assured, our groundsheets are easy to clean, water-resistant, and mold-resistant, fulfilling their intended purpose effectively.

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