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Gas Ovens

Gas Oven for Camper, Caravan, and Boat

For the avid camping chef, a gas oven is a must-have in the galley of your camper or caravan. A gas oven is perfect for camping as it doesn't rely on electricity like most household ovens. With gas operation, the oven works seamlessly on campsites or places with limited or no facilities. Enjoy freshly baked bread for breakfast with a scenic view at your campsite.

Grill in the Gas Oven

A camper oven or caravan oven is not just for baking; it often features a grill compartment or a grill function, allowing you to achieve that crispy crust on your camping meals.

Connecting the Gas Oven

Similar to the cooktop, the gas oven is connected to the gas supply in the camper. Usually, a gas line of 8 or 10 millimeters with a compression fitting is needed for the connection. When purchasing, consider the working pressure of the gas appliance to ensure compatibility with your existing gas system in the camper. Additionally, there are gas ovens designed to operate with gas cartridges or portable gas cylinders for outdoor use.

Mini Oven

The compact size of the mini oven allows for easy installation in the limited space of boats, campers, or caravans. Despite its small footprint, the oven provides enough space for a few rolls, a pizza, or a small casserole. Oven dimensions may vary, so carefully assess what fits your caravan or camper.

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