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Folding Windows for Campers

Almost all campers and caravans are equipped with folding windows. They allow you to enjoy the view when you can't or don't want to sit outside. In addition, a folding window allows natural daylight to enter during the day. A folding window is ideal for ventilating the camper or caravan. By opening a couple of windows opposite each other, you can quickly cool down the camper after a hot day.

A window is unsuitable if it cannot be securely closed. All our windows have a good locking mechanism to securely close them when you go to sleep or leave the camper. It provides a sense of safety. If that's not enough, separate security systems are also available, such as alarms with a window sensor.

Carbest Folding Windows

The majority of our folding window range consists of the Carbest brand. This brand offers an ideal price-quality ratio and a wide range of windows. There are different types of folding windows available, from budget options to more luxurious variants. There is always a beautiful Carbest folding window that suits your needs.

Carbest RW Eco Folding Window

The Carbest RW Eco series is the budget folding window from Carbest. This stylish window is made of real safety glass. The tinted glass gives the window a rugged appearance. The insulation value of the window is lower compared to other Carbest windows or a Dometic window because it is single-glazed. The glass largely overlaps the outer frame, giving this window a nice finish. With the stainless steel telescopic window openers, the window can be infinitely adjusted to different positions, up to a maximum of 70 degrees. The window can be securely closed from the outside using the handles on the window and the window openers.

The RW Eco series does not come with a combination roller blind as standard. This means you are not necessarily limited to this form of blackout and keeps the cost of the window very low. However, the combination roller blind can be purchased separately. Each RW Eco window has a combination roller blind that is made to measure for the window. Even with the combination roller blind, the windows are quite affordable in various sizes. The combination roller blind comes in a separate frame that can be attached to the inner window frame. A pleated fly screen and a pleated curtain are integrated into the combination roller blind frame.

Carbest RW Compact Folding Window

This high-quality RW Compact folding window has an elegant black aluminum frame for an optimal balance between strength and weight. The double acrylic glass provides excellent insulation, ensuring optimal heat or coolness retention in the camper or caravan. Moreover, this double glass reduces internal and external noise. The glass sits very flush with the frame and fits well with the camper or caravan. This, together with the light tint of the glass, contributes to the premium look and feel of the window. The window openers can also be infinitely adjusted, allowing for a maximum opening angle of 70 degrees. This folding window is available in a wider range of sizes than the budget variant, making it suitable for more campers and caravans. The handles on the window openers can be used to securely close the window.

Similar to the RW Eco, the RW Compact does not come with a roller blind as standard. This keeps the options open for blackout and insect protection. Combi roller blinds are also available for all Compact folding windows. These are custom-made to fit the window perfectly and can be optimally mounted on the inner frame.

Carbest RW Elegance Folding Window

The Carbest RW Elegance folding window is the premium folding window from Carbest. The window comes standard with an integrated luxury combination roller blind. The magnetic closure ensures a neat closure between the integrated mosquito net and the pleated blackout blind.

The opening window itself has a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. The window is made of thermally insulating double acrylic glass to ensure optimal heat or coolness retention in the camper, caravan, or van conversion. This acrylic glass also has excellent soundproofing properties and is UV-resistant. The window is designed to be as flush as possible, blending into the window frame. Unlike the RW Compact, it has a square frame without rounded corners, maximizing the passage of light and fresh air. The telescopic window openers allow you to open the window smoothly. In the open position, you can turn the knobs to lock the window in that position. The handles on these openers make it possible to securely close the window.

Carbest RW Van Folding Window

Carbest has developed the RW Van specifically for installation in van conversions with curved bodywork. These windows are manufactured to follow the curvature of the bodywork optimally. Mounting these windows can result in a better aesthetic result for some converted vans compared to other types of Carbest windows. The black aluminum frame, like the rest of the window, is curved to fit camper vans. The double acrylic glass is flush, fits into the frame, and has a translucent black tint. This double glass provides excellent insulation against both noise and external weather conditions.

For the RW Van as well, the combination roller blind is available separately. Look for the appropriate combination roller blinds among the corresponding window products. The recommended adhesive for mounting the window can also be found there.

Carbest Folding Window for Ducato, Jumper, and Boxer

Carbest has a separate range of folding windows that fit a popular model of vans commonly used for conversions: the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, and Citroën Jumper. This lightweight window is specifically designed for the various positions where a window is often installed on this model, such as the side, the hinged doors, and the sliding door. The folding window has a design where the window overlaps the window frame. The window is made of double acrylic glass to ensure optimal insulation against noise and weather. The aluminum openers can be opened in 3 steps, up to a maximum of 70 degrees. These specific windows also require specific combination roller blinds, which, like many other Carbest windows, can be purchased separately to ensure an optimal fit on the window.

Dometic Folding Windows

When you see a folding window in a camper or caravan, in most cases, it is a Dometic folding window. These elegant windows are made of high-quality materials and come in a wide range of sizes.

Dometic S4 Folding Window

Among all folding windows for campers and caravans, the Dometic Seitz S4 is the most well-known. This window can be found in numerous types of campers and caravans. The insulation value of the window has been proven over time. Dometic has designed the window to meet the standards of residential construction. The S4 is available in both sliding and folding versions. The standard package includes a high-quality combination roller blind with a pleated curtain and an insect screen. The aluminum coating makes it a very robust blind for the window. The window can be opened with infinitely adjustable window openers, allowing it to be positioned in any desired position. Like most other folding windows in our range, the Dometic S4 has a multi-point locking system that operates with handles on the openers.

Dometic S7p Folding Window

The Dometic S7p folding window features a flat double acrylic glass window. The glass is tinted, and the double glazing provides good insulation. The window is therefore ideal for well-insulated van conversions. The curved window fits neatly onto the rounded bodywork of a minibus. The black aluminum frame of the Dometic Seitz window provides an eye-catching surface finish. The window hinges upward and has a sturdy integrated multi-point locking system on the window and the telescopic openers. Unlike Carbest windows, the Dometic Seitz S7p is installed using a mounting kit designed for a specific wall thickness. This mounting kit can be found with the individual products under the corresponding section.

The Seitz S7p window does not come with a combination roller blind as standard. This can be purchased separately for the window.

How to Install a Folding Window in a Camper or Caravan?

Installing a folding window in a camper, DIY campervan, or caravan is often quite manageable. The installation process does not require special tools. The standard tools that most people have at home are sufficient. The following step-by-step guide should not replace the manufacturer's official instructions. There may be differences in installation between folding windows from different manufacturers, and there may also be variations between window models due to differences in (interior) frames. If you have a question about the installation or need a manual, please contact us. Before purchasing a folding window, pay close attention to the wall thickness it is suitable for. Then carefully consider the cut-out size and the overall size. It can be helpful to have an extra pair of hands during the window installation.

  • Upon receiving the folding window, check if the size matches the measurements you took when placing the order. Does the window fit in the installation opening? Also, pay attention to the orientation of the opening window, ensuring it opens in the desired direction and is not mounted incorrectly.
  • Not always necessary, but if the wall thickness is not wide enough, it can be widened with an additional frame. This is often the case with van conversions. Make sure this frame is ready for mounting the folding window.
  • Measure and mark the cut-out hole accurately, taking into account the curvature of the window frame. Check if the window is level (this only works if the camper itself is level) to ensure it is mounted straight in the vehicle. Drill holes in the corners and cut out the hole from there.
  • Clean up all metal splinters created during drilling and cutting, as they can cause rust if left behind. Treat the edges of the cut-out with an anti-rust solution to prevent rust formation.
  • Apply a generous amount of Sika Lastomer 710 or Dekaseal 8936 to the outer frame to bond the window with the vehicle's wall.
  • Place the window in the cut-out hole and press it evenly.
  • While holding the window in place, secure it from the inside using the supplied screws. Attach the inner frame to the inside of the folding window. Screw the inner and outer frames together using the provided screws. Then cover the screws in the inner frame with the provided rubber caps.
  • Depending on the window model, you can now install the combination roller blind on the inner frame.
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