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Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows for Campers

Slide open the window of your camper or caravan, and the warm summer breeze flows inside. At Speelberg Kamperen, we offer sliding windows from Dometic and Carbest. Together, they provide a wide selection of sliding windows in various types and sizes.

Carbest Sliding Windows

Carbest windows come in many types and sizes. They offer built-in windows, sliding windows, and folding windows. These windows are suitable for different types of campers, van conversions, caravans, and boats. If you have any questions about the extensive range of Carbest windows at Speelberg Kamperen, feel free to ask us in the chat or send us an email.

Carbest RW Motion

If you're looking for an affordable sliding window for your camper or van conversion, the Carbest RW Motion is a great option. With its double acrylic window and aluminum frame, it offers a solid window with good insulation. You can choose to purchase a separate combination roller blind if you prefer a window without it, allowing you to create your own solution for blackout. Alternatively, the combination roller blind provides a neat solution that matches the interior.

Sliding Window for Sprinter, Crafter, Ducato, Jumper, and Boxer

In addition to the Carbest RW Motion windows, there are also special built-in windows with a sliding section designed for vans that are often converted into campers. There are sliding windows available for Sprinters, Ducatos, Boxers, Crafters, Jumpers, and many other van models. If you can't find the right built-in sliding window for your van, let us know, and we'll assist you in finding the correct window. These sliding windows are made of real glass and are custom-made to fit the specific curvature of the van's bodywork, resulting in a seamless integration with the vehicle.

Dometic Seitz Sliding Windows

Dometic offers a stylish line of sliding windows widely used in campers, caravans, and van conversions. The S4 sliding windows come in various sizes. The double acrylic window provides excellent insulation, making it perfect for maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. The Dometic sliding windows come standard with a combination roller blind featuring a pleated curtain and an insect screen. A sturdy clip locks the sliding window, ensuring unwanted guests cannot enter during the night.

Combination Roller Blind for Sliding Windows

When you're done enjoying the beautiful view of the day and it's time to get some rest or relax in your camper without prying eyes, most sliding windows in our range come either with a standard combination roller blind with blackout and insect protection or offer it separately. You can find the appropriate combination roller blind for the window among the product options. This combination roller blind is a stylish blackout solution discreetly integrated into a frame that seamlessly fits onto the window. The pleated curtains completely block out the daylight that shines through the sliding window, allowing you to sleep in even when the morning sun is up.

How to Install a Sliding Window in a Camper or Caravan?

Installing a sliding window in a camper, DIY campervan, or caravan is often easier than it seems. With a few standard tools, the window can be mounted. The following guide is not a replacement for the manufacturer's instructions but provides a general overview of the installation process. There may be variations in the installation process between sliding windows from different manufacturers. If you have any questions, need a manual, or are unsure about the installation process, please contact us. Before purchasing a sliding window, make sure it is suitable for the wall thickness. Pay close attention to the cut-out size and overall dimensions. Having an extra person to assist during the installation can be helpful.

  • Upon receiving the sliding window, verify that the size matches the measurements you took before placing the order. Does the window fit into the installation opening? Also, check the orientation of the sliding window to ensure it opens in the desired direction.
  • If the wall thickness is too narrow, you may need to widen it with a frame. Ensure that this frame is ready for mounting the sliding window.
  • Apply Sika Lastomer 710 or Dekaseal 8936 to the outer frame to bond the window with the vehicle's wall.
  • Place the window in the cut-out opening and press it evenly.
  • While holding the window in place, secure it from the inside using the provided screws. Attach the inner frame to the inside of the sliding window. Screw the inner and outer frames together using the provided screws. Then cover the screws on the inner frame with the provided rubber caps.
  • Depending on the window model, you can now install the combination roller blind onto the inner frame.
  • Remove the protective film from the frame. There are plugs at the bottom of the window. Remove them to allow for ventilation, preventing condensation from forming on the window.
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