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Combi Blinds

Combination blinds for caravan and camper windows

Combination blinds are a convenient solution for caravan and camper windows. They consist of a compact frame that is installed around the folding or sliding windows of the vehicle. The frame contains a fly screen and a blackout pleated blind, providing privacy and protection against sunlight. Combination blinds are available in different window sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your camping vehicle. They are easy to install and operate.

Most combination blinds are equipped with a magnetic strip that ensures a tight seal of the fly screen and blackout blind. This provides additional protection against sunlight and prevents outside visibility. The magnetic strip ensures that the fly screen and blind always close tightly, keeping out any external light. This makes combination blinds an ideal solution for those seeking an efficient way to protect their camping vehicle from the sun and the outside world.

Combination blinds not only offer a convenient solution for protecting the interior against sunlight, heat, and outside visibility, but they also provide protection against insects. The magnetic strip in the frame ensures a tight seal of the fly screen and blackout blind, preventing insects from entering. This makes combination blinds an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy their camping holiday without being bothered by pests. With combination blinds, you can relax and enjoy your vacation with added protection against sun, visibility, and insects.

Universal combination blinds

Combination blinds are available in various sizes, specifically designed for different types of caravan and camper windows. We have combination blinds that are specifically made to fit our Carbest folding windows and Carbest sliding windows. However, there are also universal models that can be adjusted to fit your specific windows. These universal models often feature an adjustable frame that can be easily trimmed to the window size. It is important to purchase a universal combination blind that is wide enough for your window. The height of the combination blind can then be trimmed accordingly. This eliminates the need to choose a specific model for your camping vehicle and allows you to select a combination blind that matches the size of your windows. Universal combination blinds are easy to install and adjust, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows. Follow the instructions provided in the accompanying manual to customize the combination blind. Examples of such universal combination blinds include the Dometic 3000 and the Dometic DB3H.

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