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Enjoy the freedom of living in or close to nature with your camper or caravan. However, unwanted insects like wasps, mosquitoes, or flies may try to make their way inside. At Speelberg, we offer a wide range of fly screens specifically designed for various vehicles commonly used as (camping) campers.

There are different types of fly screens available, ranging from simple ones held in place with Velcro strips to screens with zipper or magnetic closures for easy entry and exit. You'll also find luxurious systems featuring pleated sliding screens.

Volkswagen T3, T4, T5, T6, and LT Fly Screens

We have practical mosquito screens that neatly seal the rear hatch or sliding door of a wide range of Volkswagen buses. Our collection includes specific screens designed for models like Volkswagen California, Multivan, or Caravelle. We also offer suitable fly screens for other (self-built) versions of the Volkswagen Transporter.

Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter Fly Screens

For the large sliding doors of Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter, we have dedicated screen systems that effectively seal this spacious area against mosquitoes and other insects. Please pay attention to the dimensions of your sliding door as different wheelbases may have varying door sizes. The black pleated mesh of this system adds a touch of luxury. The sliding screen fits into an aluminum profile, making it lightweight yet sturdy. The handle attached to the mesh seamlessly aligns with the edge of the sliding door.

Ducato, Jumper, and Boxer Fly Screens

We offer multiple options for fly screens and systems for the rear doors and sliding door of Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, and Citroen Jumper. Brands such as Horrex, Dometic, Remis, and Reimo provide these solutions. In many cases, it is possible to retrofit these screens if they are not included as standard in your camper purchase. A good fly screen allows you to keep your campervan open, ensuring optimal ventilation. As with many other minibuses, the Ducato model comes in different lengths and heights. Prior to purchasing, carefully check the height and length of your sliding door to ensure a perfect fit for the fly screen.

Remis Fly Screens

The Remis Remicare system with its pleated sliding screen offers a luxurious solution for a wide range of camper models. This system allows for effortless opening and closing, making it more durable compared to Velcro-attached screens. It is compatible with various models, including Sprinters, Crafters, Ducatos, Ford Transit, and similar models. Additionally, Remis offers models suitable for smaller campervans such as Volkswagen T5 and T6.

Reimo Fly Screens

Reimo provides a variety of fly screens tailored to fit a wide range of campers. These practical screens come with zippers and are designed to fit the profiles of side or rear doors. They can be securely fastened with Velcro strips.

Window and Sliding Window Screens

Individual fly screen systems are available for both folding windows and sliding windows. These systems, often referred to as combination blinds or simply blinds, consist of a frame with pleated mosquito netting and blackout blinds. They are usually custom-made for specific window types. If you cannot find a suitable system or if it is not available for your specific window, universal combination blind systems are also available.

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