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Water Heaters

Water Boilers for Camping Vehicles

Who hasn't had the unpleasant experience of a cold shower while camping? Or found it challenging to do the dishes in a small space? Luckily, there's a solution: water boilers for campers, caravans, and boats. With these handy devices, you always have access to hot water for both the shower and the sink. It means you no longer have to rely on the campground's sanitary facilities and can fully enjoy a comfortable and private shower in your own camping vehicle or boat.

Different Types of Water Boilers

Water boilers for camping vehicles come in various sizes and models, ranging from 3 liters to 15 liters capacity. Some boilers operate on 12 volts, while others run on 230 volts. This gives you the flexibility to choose a boiler that suits your camping style best. If you mainly stay at campgrounds with access to mains electricity, it's advisable to choose a 230-volt boiler. These boilers heat up faster than a 12-volt boiler. If you prefer simpler campgrounds or don't want to use mains power, opt for a 12-volt boiler.

Some of the boilers have the unique feature of being heated not only through a heating element but also by the hot air from the auxiliary heater. These boilers are equipped with a heat exchanger where a hose can be connected to receive the hot air. This saves a lot of energy when heating the water. Additionally, the thick layer of insulating material on the boiler's tank keeps the water warm for an extended period after heating.

Customizing to Your Camping Vehicle

When choosing a water boiler, it's important to verify if the boiler is compatible with the water pump and the corresponding water pressure of the water system in your camping vehicle. There are high-pressure boilers and low-pressure boilers available. Make sure they align with each other. This way, you ensure smooth and efficient operation of your water boiler, allowing you to fully enjoy the convenience of hot water while on the go.

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