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Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs

Relax in style with the camping chairs from Speelberg. From basic to super luxurious, we have a chair to suit your needs. Enjoy the sunset, a glass of wine, and a barbecue in total comfort with our range of camping chairs.

Folding Camping Chair

The most common type of camping chair is the folding chair. The folding design allows for a sturdy and ergonomic camping chair while taking up minimal space. If you're looking for lightweight travel options, consider an foldable chair instead of a folding camping chair.

Foldable Camping Chair

A foldable camping chair often goes beyond a simple folding chair. With innovative designs, these chairs can be folded to a minimal size. Some foldable chairs have detachable parts, resulting in significant space savings. Not all foldable chairs are made of plastic or fiberglass. For example, we offer a wooden retro foldable chair from Holiday Travel. It's both sturdy and fashionable. Foldable chairs can be set up in seconds.

Children's Camping Chair

A good camping chair for children is a must-have in your camping gear. Children's camping chairs are colorful and smaller in size, appealing to their sense of adventure. The smaller size allows their feet to reach the ground, making it easier to play games and enjoy meals comfortably. Choose from folding or foldable chairs designed specifically for children, available from various brands. Consider the maximum weight capacity and buy a chair that will accommodate your child's growth. Stability is prioritized in the design, but it's still important to place the chair on a level surface.

Coleman Camping Chairs

Coleman specializes in foldable camping chairs made of lightweight materials such as polyester and aluminum, ensuring a sturdy yet lightweight construction. Thanks to the hinged points in the frame and the flexible seat, Coleman camping chairs can be easily folded to a compact size. Ideal for campers who prefer lightweight and compact gear.

Westfield Camping Chairs

Westfield offers versatile camping chairs with different product lines. In the Avantgarde series, the latest techniques are used to achieve a lightweight and strong design. These chairs not only perform well but also look great. The use of mesh keeps the products breathable, providing comfort even in warm climates. Additionally, they are UV-resistant and designed to withstand any weather conditions.

Inflatable Camping Chairs

Create a cozy lounge area near your camper or caravan with inflatable camping chairs or sofas. Their inflatable nature allows for easy folding and storage. The inflatable camping chair offers excellent seating comfort due to its firm inflation. However, due to its lightweight design, it's advisable to secure the chair properly when windy. Accessories such as a beach cover and special stakes are available for inflatable chairs and sofas.

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