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Camping Tables
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Camping Tables

At the beginning and end of a long day of camping, you gather around the camping table for a cozy time. To ensure you don't miss out on this conviviality, you'll want a table that is practical and easy to set up. Fortunately, camping tables come in various shapes and sizes, each with its secret techniques for folding up as small as possible. Some types of tables are better at this than others. That's why we provide an overview of the different types of folding and collapsible camping tables.

Folding Tables and Collapsible Camping Tables

By far, most camping tables are still folding tables and collapsible camping tables. You can set them up in a snap. Folding tables range from simple to complex with foldable tabletops. Not that they are complex to set up, mind you. But they can be folded up nice and small when you take them with you. The legs can also be easily concealed between the folding parts. Not all folding tables have this feature, but the ones with the smallest pack size often come with adjustable height.

Roll-up Tables and Rollable Camping Tables

Folding tables are great, but you can also create a compact table by making the tabletop rollable. A rollable camping table can be set up almost as quickly as a folding camping table, but it utilizes a clever technique. A tabletop that can only roll in one direction or can be fixed provides a sturdy structure when set up. This tabletop is made of a lattice of aluminum, wood, or bamboo. Like the folding table, the roll-up table is adjustable in height depending on the model. This allows you to sit at the table with your chair or comfortably on the beach at a table set at a practical height.

Side Tables for Camping

Looking for a handy table to place your drink next to your reclining chair? There are also small side tables for camping. It's convenient to have a refreshing drink within reach while you're enjoying the sun. Many of these side tables can also be used as stools or footrests.

Lightweight Camping Tables

Are you looking for something lightweight because you don't want to carry too much or because you want to consider the weight of your camper or caravan? Look for a table made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, bamboo, or plastic. These materials do not compromise on quality compared to heavier tables. They are made using the latest techniques to achieve a low-weight table. Generally, smaller tables are lighter and easier to carry. We provide the weight information for all our products so that you can compare and determine whether the lightweight camping table is suitable for your travel destination and camping vehicle.


At Speelberg, we offer tables from the following brands:

  • Westfield Camping Tables
  • Holiday Travel Tables
  • Camp4 Camping Tables

Carrying Bags for Camping Tables

With a bag, you can easily transport your table. It's convenient when you want to picnic or dine in a place that requires a short walk. After all, you can't easily carry an unfolded table around. Additionally, storing the table neatly in a bag protects it from items that could potentially cause scratches in the storage space of your car, camper, or caravan. Some tables come with a proper bag, while others require a separate purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Table?

So, you're now looking for a good camping table? Consider the following points before purchasing a camping table:

  • How heavy is the table? Does it exceed the maximum weight limit of your camper or caravan, and is it easy to carry?
  • How large is the tabletop? Do you need ample space for multiple people or just for two? Most camping tables are between 80 and 120 centimeters wide.
  • What is the size when packed? Do you want to store it in your mini-caravan or do you have extra space next to your car in the garage of your camper? (Grab a tape measure and do some measuring.)
  • Is the table adjustable in height? Will you be sitting with a chair at the table, or do you occasionally take it to the beach or other places where you want to sit at a lower table?
  • Does the table come with a bag or is it available separately/not available? If you like to keep your belongings organized, a bag offers good protection and easy transport.
  • Does the table match the rest of my camping furniture? This may not apply to everyone, but if you like to stand out at the campsite with your stylish camping furniture, take a good look around. There's a wide variety of camping tables available, and no, they're not all gray.
  • Then there's the weight capacity of the camping table. Since most camping cutlery is lightweight, this won't be much of a concern in most cases. But if you plan to place heavy items on your table, it's worth checking.

Order Your Camping Table Online at Speelberg

Ordering your camping table online at Speelberg is quick and easy. If you have any questions about your table or need assistance in any other way, feel free to chat with us, send an email, or message us on WhatsApp. We're also available by phone to assist you. Your camping table will be delivered to your doorstep within two to five working days. So, are you ready to serve your camping meals on the most convenient and enjoyable camping table? Check out our selection now!