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Van Bike Carrier

A van bike carrier is specifically designed for mounting on a van, offering unique features tailored to van owners. Whether it's mounted on the rear door or the back of the van, this carrier ensures easy access without the need to remove bikes or disassemble the carrier.

Rear Door Bike Carrier

A rear door bike carrier is designed to be supported by one of the two rear doors of the van. This allows both doors to remain functional, providing easy access to the storage area of your van. Unlike hitch-mounted carriers that often restrict access to the rear, a rear door bike carrier offers stability and convenience.

Tailgate Bike Carrier

Smaller vans often feature a tailgate instead of rear doors. For these vans, a tailgate bike carrier is the perfect solution. Mounted directly on the tailgate, carriers like the Fiamma Carrybike provide a secure attachment point and allow you to firmly fasten bikes using compatible bike clamps. With a tailgate bike carrier, you can still open the tailgate while carrying your bikes, providing continued access to the storage area. It's a great alternative to hitch-mounted bike carriers, as it maintains full access to the cargo space.

Bike Carrier Accessories

A bike carrier can do more than just transport bikes. Many carriers can be expanded to accommodate additional cargo boxes. There are also accessories available to attach a snowboard or a set of skis to the carrier. It's perfect for those times when you want to enjoy the snowy landscapes without pedaling.

E-Bike Carrier

An e-bike carrier is specifically designed to handle the higher weight of electric bikes. These carriers are built to withstand the added load and make it easy to transport e-bikes. Look for e-bike carriers that are specifically designed for van applications, ensuring a safe and secure transport solution.

Van Bike Carrier Installation

Depending on the type and brand of bike carrier, there are different installation methods for mounting the carrier to your van. It's important to consult the product's installation instructions to understand the specific mounting options available. Consider whether you can handle the installation yourself or if professional assistance is needed.

Rear Door/ Tailgate Mounting

The most common fixed-mount bike carriers are installed on the rear door or tailgate. These carriers clamp onto the door using special brackets, ensuring a secure attachment. In some cases, they may also utilize the door hinges for added stability. Keep in mind that a rear window on the door may affect the compatibility of a bike carrier. Additionally, a 270-degree door may not be compatible with certain carriers. Refer to the product's manual or consult with us to ensure proper fitment before making a purchase!

Door Hinge Mounting

A door hinge-mounted bike carrier utilizes the existing hinge points that connect the doors to the van. The Eurocarry bike carriers from Alu Line, for example, utilize this mounting method. By using the existing hinge points, the installation becomes relatively straightforward.

Chassis Mounting

Chassis-mounted bike carriers are the most challenging to install, as they require secure attachment to the van's chassis. These carriers extend all the way to the chassis underneath the van and are typically secured with bolts. Some chassis-mounted carriers are designed specifically for certain van models or configurations. Follow the installation instructions carefully or seek professional assistance when mounting a chassis-mounted bike carrier. The advantage of a chassis-mounted carrier is its ability to be fully swung aside, providing unrestricted access to the rear doors. Additionally, these carriers offer exceptional stability since they are mounted on the sturdiest part of the van.