Front Walls & Side Walls

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Front and Side Walls for Motorhome Canopies and Awnings

Front and side walls for canopies and awnings are a must-have for anyone who frequently travels with a motorhome or caravan. These walls provide extra protection against inclement weather, allowing you to sit outside with pleasure and comfort. With various types of walls available, there is a suitable solution for every need.

There are walls specifically designed to shield against rain, wind, and other forms of inclement weather. These walls are usually made of waterproof materials with reinforced edges and seams to prevent water leakage. With these walls, you can quickly transform your canopy or awning into a complete front tent. Additionally, these walls feature windows, allowing you to still enjoy the outdoor view.

There are also walls specially designed to block the sun. These walls are often light in color and made of materials that reflect heat. This allows you to sit comfortably outside without being bothered by intense sunlight.

We offer walls from well-known brands such as Fiamma, Thule, and Dometic. The front and side walls seamlessly fit the roof canopies and wall-mounted canopies or awnings from these brands. Furthermore, the walls come in various sizes, ensuring there is a suitable wall available for everyone. The size you need depends on the dimensions of the motorhome canopy or awning on your motorhome or caravan.

With the front and side walls for motorhome canopies and awnings, you can enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your camping holiday. You can confidently sit outside, even in unfavorable weather conditions, and still appreciate the outdoor experience. Feel free to browse our collection and find the wall that best suits your needs.