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Van canopies
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Campervan Awnings/Canopies

For campervans, we can recommend a variety of canopies. Since campervans are generally compact and low in height, not every canopy is suitable for your camper van. Awning manufacturers such as Fiamma, Thule, and Dometic have created products that fit perfectly on your camper van, ensuring a snug fit. This allows you to stay sheltered from the rain and protected from the sun's rays while enjoying the outdoors. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted canopy or a roof-mounted awning, both can be swiftly and easily set up and dismantled, offering flexibility and convenience on your travels!

Van Canopies

Are you in search of the perfect awning or canopy for your camper van? At Speelberg Kamperen, we provide an extensive selection of bus canopies specially designed to meet the unique requirements of campervans. Whether you own a Volkswagen Transporter, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, or other popular models, our range of top-quality brands like Fiamma, Thule, and Dometic will elevate your camping experience. These awnings offer protection against the elements, allowing you to comfortably revel in the great outdoors. With their effortless installation and portability, bus awningscombine mobility and ease of use. Discover the ideal bus canopy for your camper van and embark on unforgettable adventures.

Canopies for Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporters are immensely popular vans for converting into campers. Additionally, the Volkswagen California model comes pre-equipped as a camper straight from the factory. As these vans often feature a pop-top roof, it's crucial to consider the most suitable awning or canopy type that complements and fits your camper. In instances where the pop-top roof is particularly wide, a roof-mounted awning may not be compatible. However, fret not, as a wall-mounted canopy remains a viable option.

Awnings for Volkswagen T4 / T4 California

Are you seeking a canopy for your Volkswagen T4 or T4 California? Fiamma offers the F45 wall-mounted awning, specially designed for T4 campervans. You can easily install this canopy using a dedicated adapter for the T4 on your camper van.

Alternatively, if you prefer a Thule awning, you can choose from the Omnistor 6300 roof-mounted awning or the Omnistor 5200 or Omnistor 4900 wall-mounted awnings, all of which are compatible with the Volkswagen T4 camper van. The wall-mounted awning can be installed using a universal adapter. Additionally, a specific canopy adapter is available for the Omnistor 6300 roof-mounted awning on the T4 model.

Canopies for Volkswagen T5 / T5 California

For the Volkswagen T5, Fiamma offers the F40 canopy, designed exclusively for campervans like the T5. It is often referred to as the F40VAN. This awning comes in a length of 270 centimeters. In terms of wall-mounted options, Fiamma has developed the F45s and F45s PSA awnings, which perfectly fit the T5 and T5 California walls. The F45s is available in lengths of 260 centimeters and 300 centimeters, while the F45s PSA is exclusively available in 260 centimeters. Both Fiamma canopies feature a crank-operated mechanism, enabling easy extension and retraction.

Thule offers similar options for the Volkswagen T5 and T5 California, including the Omnistor 4900 and Omnistor 5200 as wall-mounted awnings, as well as the Omnistor 6300 as a roof-mounted canopy.

Determining the appropriate canopy length for your T5 depends on the vehicle's size. Volkswagen T5 models come in short and long wheelbases. Therefore, it is essential to measure the available space carefully. Keep in mind that the camper van's door should remain easily accessible even when the awning or canopy is fully extended.

Awnings for Volkswagen T6 / T6 California

Fiamma offers the same awnings for the Volkswagen T6 as those available for the Volkswagen T5. Consequently, you can choose the F40 roof-mounted awning, measuring 270 centimeters in length. Alternatively, Fiamma provides wall-mounted awnings in two sizes: the F45s and F45s PSA, both available in 260 centimeters. The wall-mounted canopy extends up to 200 centimeters. In terms of roof-mounted options, the awning extends slightly further, reaching an extension of 225 centimeters.

Thule offers comparable options for the Volkswagen T6 and T6 California, including the Omnistor 4900 and Omnistor 5200 as wall-mounted canopies, and the Omnistor 6300 as a roof-mounted awning.

For the T6 campervan, Dometic provides the Perfect Roof 2000 for roof mounting, as well as the Perfect Wall 1100 and Perfect Wall 1500 for wall mounting. The length of the roof-mounted canopy starts at 265 centimeters, while the wall-mounted awning starts at 260 centimeters. These options are well-suited for smaller campervans like the T6.

Awnings/Canopies for Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter

The Crafter and Sprinter vans offer ample space for mounting awnings, allowing for a broader range of options. The most suitable canopy for your Crafter or Sprinter largely depends on the wheelbase length. You'll find compatibility with products that are also suitable for other campervans.

For the Sprinter and Crafter, Dometic offers the Perfect Roof 2000 roof-mounted canopy, available in various sizes ranging from 265 centimeters to 450 centimeters in length. Depending on the length of your Sprinter or Crafter, multiple options are available. Additionally, Dometic provides the Perfect Wall 1100 and Perfect Wall 1500, which come in various sizes suitable for the Crafter and Sprinter.

Fiamma offers a broader range of awning or canopy choices for these campervans. Not only do they offer products with supporting legs, but they also provide free-hanging canopies that rely entirely on self-supporting arms. The free-hanging canopy is the Fiamma F65 Eagle, available in lengths ranging from 319 centimeters to 400 centimeters. Additionally, they offer the F80S and F65L roof-mounted awnings in various sizes. These products follow the classic design with supporting legs. Fiamma also offers wall-mounted canopies suitable for the Sprinter or Crafter, such as the Fiamma F45S, F45L, and F70, available in different sizes for the campervan's wall.

For the Crafter or Sprinter, you can also find Thule canopies at our store. The Omnistor 6300 is available for roof mounting. This canopy starts at 192 centimeters in length and goes up to 500 centimeters. For wall mounting, Thule offers the Omnistor 5200.

Awnings for Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, and Citroën Jumper

The Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, and Citroën Jumper follow a similar line to the Crafter and Sprinter. This is understandable, as these vehicles are nearly the same length.

Thule offers the Omnistor 6300 canopy for the Ducato, Jumper, and Boxer. It starts at a length of 192 centimeters and goes up to 500 centimeters. This canopy is mounted on the roof of the campervan using a canopy adapter. For wall mounting, Thule provides the Omnistor 5200. This canopy starts at a length of 192 centimeters and extends up to 502 centimeters.

Additionally, you can equip your Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, or Peugeot Boxer with a wall-mounted canopy or roof-mounted awning from Dometic. For example, you can choose the Dometic Perfect Roof 2000 for roof mounting or the Perfect Wall 1100 or 1500 for wall mounting. Make sure to check the necessary adapter for wall or roof installation.

Fiamma also offers an extensive range of awnings or canopies for these campervans. For wall mounting, the brand provides the F45S, F45L, and F70. The F45s starts at 190 centimeters and extends up to 450 centimeters. The F70 is larger, ranging from 400 centimeters to 450 centimeters. The F45L is even larger, available from 450 centimeters to 550 centimeters. The latter two options require a spacious Ducato, Jumper, or Boxer. For roof mounting, Fiamma offers the F65 EAGLE, which hangs freely and measures from 319 centimeters to 400 centimeters. They also provide the F80S and F65L roof-mounted awnings in various sizes. The F65L is particularly large, ranging from 400 centimeters to 490 centimeters. The Eagle model comes equipped with a motor for retracting the canopy in windy conditions, while the other awnings can be optionally equipped with a motor. This is particularly useful for large canopies, as they require some physical effort to extend and retract.

Brands of Campervan Awnings/Canopies

Which Canopy Adapter Do I Need?

The specific canopy adapter you need for your campervan depends on its model, configuration, and the brand/type of canopy. With a canopy adapter, you can securely attach the canopy to your campervan. Therefore, make sure to order the correct adapter for your campervan. If you're unsure, feel free to contact us, and we'll assist you in ordering the right adapter for your canopy and campervan. We offer a wide range of canopy adapters for different campervan models.

Remember, a well-suited awning or canopy can significantly enhance your campervan experience. It provides shelter, shade, and an outdoor living space, allowing you to fully enjoy your adventures on the road. Choose the perfect awning or canopy for your campervan today!