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Campervan Tent

A campervan tent is perfect if you want to enjoy the view from that mountain or that beautiful beach while traveling in your camper van. Not all campervans are equally spacious, so having more storage and living space can be quite convenient when you decide to stay in one place a bit longer. In a campervan tent, you can store your camping table and camping chair. You can even bring some camping furniture to make your camping experience more comfortable. This is especially useful when the weather is not ideal or if you prefer camping in the off-season. The campervan tent provides ample shade during hot temperatures and can be opened up for a cool spot away from the sun. On colder or rainy days, you can stay dry and protected from the wind. Additionally, with a heater, the campervan tent becomes a cozy place to relax.

Inflatable Campervan Tent

An inflatable campervan tent is designed for the adventurous traveler who likes to move around. If you've chosen a camper van for its versatility and flexibility, you probably want to spend a few days here and a few days there. Not every awning is suitable for such use, as you want to quickly engage in fun activities. By incorporating air tubes instead of poles or rods, an inflatable campervan tent can be set up in just a few minutes. Secure the tent to your van using a magnetic adapter, rail piping, or suction cups. Inflate the tent's frame with the provided pump, secure the pegs, and optionally place a groundsheets inside the tent, and you're good to go. The high-pressure inflatable structure ensures the tent remains sturdy and upright. In case of strong winds, make sure to secure the campervan tent firmly with pegs. An inflatable campervan tent is lighter than a pole-based one, allowing it to flex and move with the wind instead of risking broken tent poles.

Attaching a Campervan Tent to Your Camper Van

There are several ways to attach a campervan tent to your camper van. Often, this is achieved using a rail adapter that slides into a rail. This rail is typically mounted on the side of the van or integrated into the cassette canopies. The campervan tent usually comes with two different-sized rails to fit various rail sizes. Alternatively, the tent can be secured with a clamp or tension pole. These are clamped onto a multi-rail or rain gutter attached to the camper van. If there's no rain gutter, suction cups can be used to secure the tension pole. Often, the tent's flap can be fastened to the suction cups without the need for a tension pole. Another option is to use a magnetic adapter. The tent's flap is securely attached to the metal roof of the van using magnets. Finally, you can attach the campervan tent with guy lines that are tensioned over the van.

  • Secure the campervan tent using a rail adapter inserted into the camper van's rail or the integrated rail of an awning cassette.
  • Attach the campervan tent with suction cups, with or without a tension pole.
  • Secure the campervan tent using a tension pole or clamp in the rain gutter attached to the camper van.
  • Fasten the campervan tent with guy lines tensioned over the van.
  • Attach the campervan tent using a magnetic adapter on the metal roof of the camper van.

Groundsheet or Tent Carpet for Campervan Tents

Some campervan tents come with a groundsheet included, while others can be purchased separately. A groundsheet can often be attached to the tent using a zipper or Velcro. Additionally, there are groundsheets available with inflatable edges that prevent water from seeping in. If a specific model of campervan tent has an accompanying groundsheet, it will be listed as an accessory with the product. If not, it's possible that the tent already includes a groundsheet or a universal one can be used. To walk comfortably inside the campervan tent, consider using a tent carpet. The fine mesh structure allows dust, sand, and dirt to pass through, ensuring clean feet and a clean tent.

Freestanding Campervan Tents

Most campervan tents are also freestanding, meaning they can easily be detached from the camper van, and the tent's own frame supports it. This is especially convenient when you want to drive to a nearby mountain, village, or beautiful beach. You can leave unnecessary items in the campervan tent, saving space inside the camper van.

A Campervan Tent from Speelberg Kamperen

Whether you're looking for a rear tent or a campervan tent for your camper van, at Speelberg Kamperen, you'll find the widest selection of campervan tents in partnership with Reimo, the undisputed expert in campervans. Our campervan tents are made of durable and sturdy materials, ensuring high quality. You'll enjoy your campervan tent for a long time. With our online chat, we're just one click away from providing excellent service and support.

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