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Electricity, nowadays even in your camper or caravan, is indispensable. Many components and functions of these vehicles are now electric. Whether it's lighting, heating, cooling, or entertainment, electricity plays a crucial role in travel comfort.

At Speelberg Camping, you will find a wide range of electrical products for your camper or caravan, from electrical components for your installation to appliances and parts. But we go beyond that. We also aim to provide you with ways to generate electricity in a sustainable and self-sufficient manner.

Self-sufficient with solar panels

Solar panels are an excellent solution for generating electricity while traveling. With an efficient and powerful solar panel on your roof, you can charge your batteries in an environmentally friendly way, allowing you to stay on the road longer without relying on shore power.

Charging the battery while driving

Another innovative solution is the charge booster, which allows you to generate electricity while driving. These small, compact devices capture the energy normally lost during vehicle braking and store it in your battery. This enables you to spend even more time without connecting to shore power.

Whether you are looking for replacement parts, efficient ways to generate electricity, or anything else, our online store has everything you need in the field of electricity for your camper or caravan. Take a look and discover how you can achieve even more comfort on your next adventure!

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