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Monitors for Campers and Caravans

Monitors are devices that display the status of various systems in campers and caravans. They show the status of different sensors, providing insights into the functioning of these systems and helping users manage and control them. From monitoring water tanks to battery levels and cassette toilet status, monitors are indispensable for a pleasant and comfortable journey in a camper or caravan.

All-in-One Panel Solutions

All-in-one monitors or control panels provide a comprehensive overview of all systems in your camper or caravan. These monitors not only display the status of each system but also enable you to control them. Whether it's monitoring water levels, battery capacity, solar panel performance, or other systems, this type of monitor gives you complete control at a glance.

Equipped with main switches and individual switches for each system, all-in-one monitors allow you to operate each system separately or turn them all on or off simultaneously. This feature enables power-saving by turning off specific systems when not in use. Additionally, users can easily monitor the status of each system and promptly address any malfunctions.

Some all-in-one monitors also offer various warning functions, providing notifications for low water levels, low battery, or other critical conditions. This ensures users receive timely alerts and can take necessary actions.

Monitors for Individual Systems

In addition to all-in-one solutions, there are monitors specifically designed for individual systems, such as water tank levels, battery capacity, or solar panel performance. These monitors provide specific insights into the operation of each system and can be more convenient in certain situations.

Monitor Features


Monitors often include various features to facilitate the use and management of campers or caravans. Main switches allow you to turn multiple systems on or off simultaneously, while individual switches enable specific control of each system.


Monitors vary in the way they display system status. Some utilize LED lights that illuminate according to the level, providing energy-efficient indication with a single press of a button. LED lights automatically turn off after a few seconds, minimizing power consumption while still offering quick and easy status indication.

Others feature LCD screens for clearer status representation than older LED monitors, although they tend to be less energy-efficient. These LCD monitors are suitable for those seeking more detailed information.

The newest type of monitor is fully digital and presents system status in a beautiful dashboard. An example of this type is the Pico One monitor, which is part of an all-in-one solution and offers different dashboards for various systems. With this monitor, users enjoy a clear and organized display of system status, enhanced usability, and comprehensive information at a glance.

Choosing the right monitor depends on the devices and sensors installed in your camper or caravan. Not every monitor is compatible with all sensors, so it's essential to consider this and seek our advice if needed.

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