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Sink & hob combinations

Sink Hob Combination

A sink hob combination combines the functionality of a cooking hob with that of a sink, all bundled up in a compact form. It's ideal for kitchens in campers, caravans, and boats. Due to its size, it fits perfectly on a small countertop, saving space.

Even within the sink hob combination, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are variations in the number of burners and the size of the sink. Additionally, the placement of the burners in relation to the sink offers a variety of choices. Thus, you can find a suitable sink hob combination for any watercraft or vehicle. The smallest combinations even feature a single burner mounted on the cover, providing you with the best of both the cooking hob and the sink within the size of just the sink.

The spacing between the burners of the cooking hob may not be as wide as you're used to at home. For certain cooking hobs and sink hob combinations, it is recommended to use a set of camping pans. These pans are often taller and fit better next to each other on the cooking hob than the pans typically used at home. Additionally, these pans save a lot of space as they can nest inside one another.

Sink Hob Combination with Cover

If you want to maximize the workspace on your countertop, choose a combination with a cover. When you're not using the sink and the cooking hob, you can fold down the cover and gain extra countertop space. It's convenient when you need to chop vegetables or simply make a sandwich.

Piezo and Electric Ignition

One consideration when purchasing a cooking hob is the type of ignition mechanism it should have. Some cooking hobs don't have an ignition mechanism and require an external ignition source to turn on the hob. There are also cooking hobs with a Piezo ignition and an electric ignition. With just a few presses of a button, you can ignite the burner and start cooking.

Connecting and Installing the Sink Hob Combination

Depending on the combination being installed, a sink hob combination has 3 or 4 connections. Gas for the cooking hob, water for the faucet, a drain for the used water, and in some cases, electricity if it includes a faucet with a microswitch or an electric ignition.

Gas Connection

Almost all sink hob combinations have a fixed gas connection with an outer diameter of 8 or 10 mm. A gas line can be connected to it using a compression fitting. When connecting, ensure that the connections are leak-proof and use professional tools and materials. Connection materials are not included with the sink hob combinations.

Faucet and Water

A faucet can be connected to a submersible pump or a pressure pump. There are also mixer faucets and cold water faucets available. The connection method depends on the system you have. Some combinations include a faucet, while others require a separate purchase. Check the diameter of the connection or ask us for assistance in finding a suitable faucet. The faucet is connected to the pump with a cold water hose, which is then connected to the water tank. If it's a mixer faucet, it is also connected with a hot water hose to the boiler.


Some combinations come with a siphon included, while others offer it as a separate purchase. This information is specified in the product details. An drainage hose can be connected to the siphon, which then connects to the wastewater tank.

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